Shopping tips in Marrakech

Recognized as one of the world capitals of traditional crafts, Marrakech will delight visitors looking for souvenirs and gifts to bring back their stay. And even though most of shopping centers around the souks and Medina, the modern part of the city and the district of Guéliz does not lack good addresses.

Whether one is looking for unique handmade items or souvenirs to relatives, difficult to resist the temptation of leather bags, brass lamp, Moroccan pastries, Berber carpets and other silver jewelry.
In the souks and cooperatives, it is customary to negotiate the price of the desired object, and thus lower the rating of 20-70%! However, some traders do not apply this policy and offer fixed prices, as artisanal sets.
City of his time, Marrakech also provide an extensive offer of more modern and conventional products, hosting international brands.
The Malls and shopping avenues of practice displayed and fixed prices.


Located in the heart of the medina, the souks quarter is a tangle of alleyways lined with small
shops. Each zone is grouped by trades and specialty spices to kilims, through
lanterns and articles in skin. In the souk herbalists, you can even obtain
herbs, amulets or a love potion. You can easily spend several days
the discovery of this maze. Be sure to attend the auction Berber, picturesque auction
souk carpet. Also visit Kissaria, famous for its textile market brocades, silks and kaftans, and
go to the souk of dyers to admire the bright colors of dyed wool.


Located in the southeast of the Medina, the Mellah is the old Jewish quarter of Marrakech. You will find
including the place of metalworkers, very lively, which concentrates many workshops of craftsmen working on
tinplate and where you can buy handicrafts at very good prices, straight from the workshops. TO
few meters away, do not miss the greatest jewelers souk of Marrakech, which includes a
fifty shops mainly selling gold coins 18K and silver, as well as
the huge spice market that occupies part of the covered market.


In the district of Guéliz, the modern part of Marrakech, you will find mainly shops
specialized in decoration, leather goods and fashion, as well as major luxury brands. Conversely dela medina, prices are systematically displayed and non-negotiable. Do not miss the quartierde Sidi Ghanem industrial zone, artisanal and commercial Marrakech which gathers artists, designers, craftspeople and wholesalers specialized in the latest trends. Located on the road to Safi, location
is a short small taxi from Djemaa-el-Fna.


The souks are generally open every day from 9h00 to 21h00 and closed on Friday morning. The services of a guide are not required to go to the medina, because despite the maze of alleys, souks are safe and you always come to find your way. Pay for purchases in cash, take the time to negotiate the price advertised and keep smiling: haggling is a must for your shopping session in the souks.Most carpet sellers can arrange to ship your purchases


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